Turning Your Strategic Plan into a Marketing Strategy 


Developing a strategic plan is an important first step for any company. Yet, as we usher in a new year, transforming these strategic elements into a robust marketing strategy is a crucial next step toward achieving your goals.  

While the strategic plan defines your objectives, the marketing strategy outlines the actions needed to realize these commercial objectives. Merging these two is crucial. But leaders, particularly those in dynamic startups, may find themselves immobilized by analysis paralysis. That’s where an outside specialist, such as Inspire Agency, plays a pivotal role. 

Our talented team of marketing professionals and media relations specialists is skilled at helping you overcome that paralysis and turn your vision into a tangible marketing strategy. We grasp the significance of your story and our aim is to help you identify and share it through tailor-made marketing and content strategies.

Marketing Strategy Key Elements

Establishing a marketing strategy involves considering several key elements:  

Reflect on your past marketing endeavors.

Were they successful? What changes do you need in your new plan? 

Know your audience.

Who are they and and where do you find them?  

Identify your goals.

What are the key objectives of your marketing plan? Is it to drive revenue, or grow another area of business, such as user engagement? How much growth do you hope this plan will enable? 

Messaging delivery methods.

What methods will you use to reach your audience – social media, direct marketing, or webinars? How effective are those planned methods in reaching your target audience?  

Measuring success.

What metrics will you use to determine the effectiveness of your plan? Also, how is success defined? Is there a specific number of engagements or sales that need to be hit? 

What’s your timeline?

Establish the timeline for achieving those metrics. Is it quarterly or yearly?  

Competitive assessment.

Who are your biggest competitors? What are they doing right? How has the landscape changed over the past year and how do you expect it to change in the future? This could lead to a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis to show how your organization stacks up against the competition. 

Define your budget.

How much money, time and other resources you can devote to achieving these goals is a necessary ingredient that must be considered?   

Monitor, Adjust and Align

Added together, these elements make up the basics of a marketing strategy, but they still have to be executed. Once your strategy becomes a reality, constant monitoring is vital. Remember, a marketing plan can evolve, so ensure its alignment with your business needs.  

When Inspire Agency begins a new client relationship, our objective is to understand your unique story. From there, we can craft a bespoke marketing strategy aligned with your desired goals. Your story, coupled with our expertise, can reach a broad audience. We’ve helped numerous businesses and organizations build successful marketing strategies, and we’re ready to help you too. 

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