nurturing relationships for maximum media coverage

The key word in media relations is “relations.” Inspire’s experienced team has spent years building strong relationships with media professionals and outlets across industries. When we work for you, we’re bringing with us those trusted relationships and in-depth knowledge of the media landscape. Combined with our talented creative team, we can create marketing strategies tailored to your brand identity and fulfilling your needs. 

strategy & planning

The Inspire Way always begins with “Inquire.” We learn as much as we can about you and your competition through marketing research, detailed audits, workshops and social media listening, so that we can develop a strategy that maximizes the impact of your campaigns, with clear tactics and measurable outcomes.  

media training

There’s no voice more powerful than your own. Even if you have limited experience speaking with reporters, Inspire can prepare you on how to deliver your key messages, anticipate questions and have answers at the ready, and capitalize on every conversation.   

messaging & positioning

Even the most powerful messages fail to impact unless you’ve taken the time to identify your position within your competitive space. We Infuse our planning and strategy to create a strong foundation for your position, so that your messaging can launch to new heights. 

press releases 

Spray-and-pray isn’t a strategy to get your news heard and is off-putting to experienced media professionals, which is why we identify key targets for your news and tailor messages that will resonate. We then lean on our strong relationships to follow-up with those focused channels so that your news isn’t just disseminated, but accepted, reviewed and amplified.   

editorials and opinion articles

Building trust with customers and the media starts with demonstrating that you know what you’re talking about. Solidify your standing as a thought leader in your business’ line of work with a thoughtfully crafted editorial or opinion piece that demonstrates the value that only you can provide. 

bylines and thought leadership

Break down the complexity of the subjects in your field of expertise and boost your reputation while gaining brand recognition. Inspire can use your industry mastery and deep knowledge to write inspiring, informative and engaging articles that are then placed at outlets read by your target customer base.