what is
content marketing?

Marketing today is about more than advertisements and sales pitches. Brands that consistently produce valuable, relevant content that engages their target audiences build credibility and trust. Trust gains website visitors, social media followers, and reinforces their brand’s identity.
Content can range from placed PR articles and social media posts, to video, animations and illustrations. With this wide disbursement of channels, the successful content marketer does the legwork upfront to understand their target audience, and choose the message and mediums that are the most impactful.

why invest in content
marketing services?

Even though marketing teams spend roughly 30 percent of their budgets on content creation, according to Gartner, less than 40 percent of content marketers have a defined and documented strategy. But the most effective content is a result of a thoughtful and deliberate content strategy, plan and production process.
Inspire Agency delivers on the promise of content marketing by going beyond simply applying best practices to these areas—although we know all those, too! The Inspire Way always starts with Inquire, learning as much as we can about your brand and audience through workshops, detailed audits, social media listening and marketing research. We then Infuse a strategic roadmap with what we’ve learned, so that your strategy is tailored to your specific needs, and authentically Inspires your key audiences to engage with your brand.

the benefits of good
content marketing

The metrics amplify the importance of smart, strategic content marketing:
  • Increased Website Traffic: Annual growth in unique site traffic is 7.8 times higher for content marketing leaders compared to followers—19.7 percent vs. 2.5 percent— according to Aberdeen Strategy & Research.
  • Cost Effective Lead Generation: Content marketing produces 3 times more leads per dollar spent than traditional marketing but costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing, according to research compiled by Coschedule.
  • Consumer Influence: 61 percent of U.S. online consumers made a purchase after reading recommendations from a blog, according to Coschedule.
  • Converting to Customers: Content marketing methods convert 6 times more often than other marketing methods.

content marketing
best practices

Gartner offers three best practices for content marketing.
Educate and elevate to react quickly: Prioritize efforts that educate consumers on how your products and services align with current trends and evolving needs. Highlight existing content throughout the customer journey by integrating it into highly trafficked pages on your website to increase visibility.
Monitor nuance in consumer language to establish relevance: By using data from search and social platforms, you can better understand how consumers look for products and services, and then integrate that into product and services titles, descriptions, and filters on your website as well as retail platforms and social media to help with SEO efforts.
Strive for good, not perfect: Social media is among the platforms where less polished content is widely embraced. That makes it perfect for quickly reacting to and weighing in on evolving trends, posting about employee discussions or tutorials, or using customer created content to fill gaps where assets are limited.

our content
marketing services

Content Strategy & Planning

The Inspire Way always begins with “Inquire.” Before putting proverbial ink to paper, we take the time to learn about your brand and the industry landscape, so that we can create smart strategies tailored to boost your brand.

Full Content Creation

From whitepapers to blog posts, social media to paid placement, Inspire can undertake any and all writing needs for your team, keeping your content fresh and aligned with your brand identity. Below are some of the types of content creation we can do for you.


Standout amongst a sea of press releases with engaging ledes, strong quotes and captivating narratives. Make your sales sheets and marketing collateral pop while emphasizing your brand’s story.


You’ve got the expertise, we’ve got the crafting and editing skills. We can take your deep knowledge base and develop opinion pieces and paid placement articles that highlight your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

Editorial Guidelines

Your brand has a voice. Inspire Agency has years of experience in developing editorial guidelines that everyone in your organization can use to ensure that every piece of written material rings true to that voice.

Social Media Strategy

Don’t post on social media for the sake of saying you’re posting on social media. Take a strategic approach by relying on Inspire Agency’s deep expertise to identify what kind of content works best for you and then run specific campaigns to establish your identity in the online crowd.

Product Launches

First impressions matter. Position your new product while targeting potential customers through an informed and researched rollout plan that establishes an intriguing narrative about what you can offer your customers.

Video Production

Whether a longer form video that takes a deep dive into a subject, or a short and engaging video that attracts eyeballs on social media, Inspire Agency has extensive experience at every stage of the production process, from script writing to editing.

Illustrations & Animations

Make your website and social media pop with eye-catching graphics and animations that display your brand’s personality and attract new customers.

Document Design

Our expert graphic designers have years of experience in creating attractive and readable documents, from ebooks to manuals. After developing a robust narrative, Inspire translates the written word into design elements that give your documents a polished and professional look.