Driving Donations During the Giving Season 


Have you seen the Chevrolet commercial “A Holiday to Remember?” It has blown up on social media, telling the story of a granddaughter taking her grandmother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, for a ride in an old Chevy and triggering her memories. More than just boosting the image of Chevy, it’s actively supporting and driving donations to the Alzheimer’s Association through a strategic partnership. 

It’s this kind of storytelling that cuts through the noise from companies and organizations that inundate this time of year. People are flooded with emails. Shop here! Buy this! Donate to this cause or that. How do you make your organization stand out in the holiday cacophony? Here are some strategies to consider:  

First, like Chevy, add Oomph to your Storytelling!

Not every campaign will go viral like Chevy’s, but never underestimate the power of brand storytelling to get attention.  When consumers have a strong emotional response to a story or idea, they are much more likely to engage with your content. A Search Engine Watch study revealed that good storytelling boosted conversions by as much as 30 percent. Strive for personal one-on-one connection with your storytelling to draw a user in, and then encourage others to share your story. 

Embrace the Holiday Spirit

Tailor your fundraising campaigns to the holiday season’s generosity. Design themes that align with the season, using festive imagery, colors, and messaging, but strike a balance and avoid overwhelming communications with excessive graphics or animations.  

Ditch the clichés. Everyone has seen “Make it a Christmas you’ll remember.” Craft fresh, creative messages that captivate your audience.  

Inject a sense of urgency by tying donations to holiday goals or events, encouraging supporters to give before year’s end, and don’t forget to add warm holiday wishes and gratitude in a sincere and authentic manner. 


Leverage social media like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Ensure your powerful storytelling reaches your audience, sharing real life stories of your organization’s impact. 

Use Seasonal Days to your advantage on social media. For example, December is Universal Human Rights month. Is there a connection there for you? If your nonprofit benefits children, what about a mention of International Children’s Day on December 13? And don’t forget the fun! December is National Fruitcake Month, after all.  

If possible, partner with influencers or other well-known personalities who align with your organization’s values. Their endorsement and reach can help amplify your message and attract a broader audience. Make sure this collaboration feels authentic! 

Encourage your followers to voice support for your cause by sharing your posts and using hashtags. Make this easy for them to do, fostering positive public perception that may increase donations in the long-term. 

Make Fundraising a Game

Take a cue from successful non-profits and introduce gamification into your fundraising efforts. Quests, incentives, and team competitions make donating interactive and engaging.  

For example, you most likely are familiar with the fundraising thermometer, but what about a fundraising badge? First donation? You get a badge! Most donations? You get a badge! There are many different ideas you might consider for your specific charity. 

If you’re doing an end of year match, make sure to give it an element of fun and challenge. The ever-present thermometer, but perhaps also a leaderboard? 

Consider, as Mary Poppins said, adding an element of fun to every job that must be done. 

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