Communicating Science is a Science. 

Communicating Science


Scientific research, by its very nature, is methodical and systematic. While following scientific protocols makes for good science, it often does not lend itself to good communication. At Inspire Agency, we developed methods and protocols to communicate your message of science well. These strategies help us understand the science in every project we touch.

Inspire Agency begins our process with interviews and research. We can’t effectively share a biopharmaceutical, biomedical, or biotech story if we fail to understand it ourselves. It’s crucial that we understand the science to convey the body of knowledge and make it consumable for not only other scientists, but also the media, potential investors, and more.  

Recently, the Inspire Agency Team worked with a biotech firm to market their new cutting-edge cell and gene therapy. To better understand the science, the researchers and scientists explained in detail the potential of the innovation, and we delved deeper with a series of follow-up questions before developing a marketing campaign around the new therapy. The result was not only visually stunning but also scientifically accurate.   

To better communicate the scientific message, Inspire Agency must also understand the future audience. Presenting this information to a group of scientists and presenting to a group of potential investors will require very different messaging. The reason is simple: While scientists most likely would understand the lingo and want to build their case, investors care about the “bottom line up front” (BLUF) and want the “so what” of the science that will ultimately drive their bottom line. Inspire Agency considers potential audiences carefully and modifies the message based on prospective audiences. While a white paper for the research community requires the complete scientific message, a pitch deck for investors would not. Our goal is to share your message as if your chief scientific officer wrote it for that specific audience.   

What happens when you have an ingenious cytokine therapy for treating cancer and inflammation, and you desire to share this opportunity with potential investors but are unsure how to get the word out? That was the challenge presented to Inspire Agency. First, Inspire dove in to understand the science behind cytokine therapy—using secreted proteins to bind to certain cell receptors—and developed a message aimed at investors. We then created an informative, visually captivating pitch deck and presentation to show how this process worked and why investors should be excited. The result? The investors did get excited. This client raised more than 20 million dollars to further fund their research. Scientific messaging for the correct audience truly matters.  

Scientific messages often spread far beyond research, academia, and financial sectors. At Inspire Agency, we can help take your highly technical information and make it consumable for media. Scientists build their studies block by block and each piece helps to define the results. When marketing for science, however, it’s helpful to share the big picture first and then fill in the details. This helps the media better understand your research and innovation while keeping that information factual and within governmental guidelines for accuracy.    

Your science is innovative, but is your content that promotes what you do? Ironically, most Life Science and Med Tech corporations do not utilize cutting edge marketing techniques. Your organization should strive for the marketing to look and feel as innovative as the developments you want to share.  

Let Inspire Agency communicate your scientific discoveries with our own proven marketing science. 

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