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Zalgen Labs, a leading biotechnology company that develops solutions to emerging viral threats in neglected regions of the world, sought support in creating a unique brand identity, design elements and content strategy to elevate its position in the marketplace and attract key investors.

The Inspire team worked with key stakeholders to understand their business objectives and competitive landscape. From there, we created a strategic marketing and communications plan that mapped to specific business goals to drive ROI. The plan encompassed a full brand and positioning shift with new messaging to address the company’s role in preparing the world for pandemics. Inspire also developed a PR strategy and distributed key press releases and pitches for Zalgen. Additionally, we deployed a content strategy including enhanced web copy, investor pitch materials, CRM communications, new social media channels and thought leadership blogs, articles and op-eds.

With Inspire’s help, Zalgen has doubled its website traffic, established a visible social footprint with engaged audiences, attracted a key investor with a similar ethos to the Company and secured a large contract with a leading global organization focused on developing vaccines to stop future epidemics. Lastly, Inspire secured coverage for Zalgen in key publications.


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