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SHL Medical is an innovative MedTech company based in Switzerland that specializes in designing, developing, and manufacturing advanced delivery devices, including open- and auto-injectors. They strive to give patients with chronic conditions independence, and they came to Inspire seeking support for an employer brand awareness and PR campaign to recruit qualified technicians to apply to work at their new state-of-the-art medical production facility in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Inspire Agency created an employer branding and messaging campaign targeting NextGen talent for the new facility. Inspire conceived and designed multiple billboards, placing them strategically to drive brand awareness and where experienced talent would most likely see them. This was followed by the development of digital ads and Google search campaigns, as well as targeted mailers. To show potential talent how groundbreaking the new facility would be, Inspire also enhanced the landing page of SHL Medical’s employment website and produced a video to showcase the cutting-edge space and the building’s progress as it prepares for its grand opening.

SHL Medical benefitted from increased website activity on their careers page and the discovery of local talent to fill those open roles at the new plant. With a successful execution of phase one, SHL Medical can leverage Inspire’s experience and launch an employer brand campaign focused on targeting potential plastic injection molding technicians in South Carolina’s Upstate region.




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