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Pulmanage, a startup that’s developed a remote patient monitoring platform for patients with lung disease, needed a streamlined pitch deck that distilled the issues of chronic lung disease and the importance of spirometry readings and included striking graphics to support its “Respiratory Data from Home” messaging. In addition to the pitch deck, Pulmanage required a new one-sheeter to distribute to potential investors at various conferences and pitch competitions.

Inspire worked with the Pulmanage leadership to carefully craft concise language for the pitch deck and one-sheeter, which not only provided detailed information about the company’s software platform but also informed potential investors of the difficulties faced by patients diagnosed with chronic lung disease.

Inspire also developed eye-catching graphics for the pitch deck that highlighted the financial impact of chronic lung disease, the troubles patients can have in accessing care, and the potential of the software platform.

Following delivery, Pulmanage presented the new pitch deck and one-sheeter at multiple investor conferences, where it secured $500,000 in venture capital.


pitch deck




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pitch deck