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For 50 years, Greenwood Genetic Center (GGC) has been a cornerstone of South Carolina’s life sciences community. A trailblazer in genetics and genomics, GGC provides clinical genetic services, diagnostic laboratory testing, educational programs and resources, and medical genetics research. Despite its long history, GGC has been a little-known organization. GGC sought Inspire Agency’s support in updating its brand identity and raising its profile through a strategy media relations plan.

After thoroughly auditing GGC’s website, social media channels, and public relations efforts, Inspire discovered various opportunities to raise the organization’s profile by creating a targeted media campaign. Next, the team developed a PR strategy and distributed key press releases and pitches for GGC. Messaging focused on GGC’s role in researching rare genetic diseases and supporting the development of therapeutics that can treat patients. Additionally, the team led an initiative to increase GGC’s online presence and engagement with stakeholders via SEO.

Inspire crafted compelling narratives framing GGC as a key scientific organization on the cutting edge of advancements in genetics and genomics that support patients and the state’s ecosystem. Our media relations efforts are paying off with coverage of GGC’s 50th anniversary and its programs—highlighting the positive impact the organization’s scientists have demonstrated on patients facing rare and severe genetic disorders. This effort, combined with other media strategies, is generating increased visibility. GGC’s search engine ranking is also improving.


media relations

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media relations