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Bloom Health Centers, specializing in providing individuals with comprehensive mental health services, sought media relations support to raise awareness and build credibility for the newly established company. The company formed via a merger that created one of the largest in-network, comprehensive mental healthcare groups in the Mid-Atlantic. The company also requested assistance developing thought leadership strategies for Bloom’s (now former) CEO, Lorraine Riche.

Inspire worked with Bloom Health Centers to identify their upcoming news flow including the opening of many offices in addition to their telehealth offering, their new services, including TMS treatment, and more.

The media relations team also worked with the CEO to identify key thought leadership opportunities and topics for pitching to consumer and trade media.

After working with the client, Inspire secured a large story with a top mental health industry trade publication within a month. The team also secured multiple stories about the opening of the new offices and the center’s new treatments—working closely with Bloom’s patients to empathetically tell their stories. The CEO was also featured on several TV stations, raising awareness of why the company exists and its core positioning: “No one should feel alone.”


media relations

media relations